Type A-B-C-D Big Bags

During the filling and unloading of products, static energy can be generated which causes electrostatic discharge. The generated static energy can cause explosion due to dangerous gases and substances in the environment. Antistatic / conductive big bags are used to avoid such risky situations.

Type A: Type A big bags, which are produced from fabric without any protective feature against static electricity accumulation, is used in filling, unloading and transportation of non-flammable and non-explosive products.

Type B: Type B big bags produced from low voltage fabrics have low resistance value (6Kv). They are used in filling, unloading and transportation of products which are not flammable and explosive. They can be used to transport dry and flammable products in powder form.

Type C (Conductive): Type C big bags are produced from fabrics with conductive fibers at certain intervals on big bags. The voltage rating of the conductive fibers on the Big Bag must be in contact with less than 10ohms of resistance and must be grounded in the filling / unloading operations of the products. Type C big bags are used in cases where flammable/explosive solvents and gases are present in the environment where the products are filled/unloaded.

Type D (Dissipative): Type D big bags, which are produced as an alternative to Type C big bags, releases the accumulated energy directly to the atmosphere without the need of grounding due to the Crohmiq fabric on the big bag during the filling and unloading operations of the products. It should be ensured that the surfaces of Type D big bags do not contact with conductive materials such as water and oil.

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