Manufacturing Process

  • Raw materials (polypropylene, ultraviolet additive, corrosion inhibitor, etc.), which have been subjected to quality control tests and are suitable for production, are slabbed by melting at high temperature after being dosed and mixed in the mixer.
  • Polypropylene and additive materials, which are slabbed, are cut into the desired dimensions in the extruder line and made into threads.
  • The yarns, which are subjected to strength and quality control tests and no problems are detected, are wound on the bobbins and directed to the weaving line.
  • Threads that are woven delicately in the weaving looms are made into fabric and controls for conformity to the standards are carried out. The fabrics which are in compliance with the standards are placed on the lamination machine depending on the customer demand. (BOPP / OPP or flexo printing is done at this stage.)
  • The bags, which are wrapped in rolls after lamination or printing, are cut and sewed in desired sizes and dimensions in the apparel manufacturing process. The apparel manufacturing process of the big bags are carried out by the qualified personnel on the automatic sewing machines.
  • The prepared bags and big bags are packaged according to the demands of customers and become deliverable.