Woven PP Bags & Effective Packaging

Packagings are the most effective and most economic marketing tool in all trade areas . In the presentation of the products, the effect of packaging on selling the product is over % 65. Therefore, the packaging type and design of a product directly affect the sales capacity of that product.  In this case, any company that wants to increase its sales capacity should pay attention to the packaging of the product, such as the quality of the product.

In addition, the packages used for the packaging, transport and storage of the products must be of a quality suitable for the product and carry the physical properties required for the product. The packagings used must not damage the products, they must be resistant to friction, they should not wear out easily and most importantly, they should not damage the work flow of the product in which the packaging is used.

As a result, one of the ways to be one step ahead of your competitors in the commercial life where competition is intense is that the bag used is designed, convenient and durable to bring the product to the forefront.

How should the effective packaging be?

Physical Properties: The product should be protective in case of impact, dropping, shaking and stacking. It should be resistant to temperature and humidity conditions.

Quality Protection: It should protect product quality and shelf / storage life against dangers such as hot, cold, humidity, oxidation.

Product Development: Design and print quality should be sufficient to support the quality image of the product and to create awareness.

Product Information: All product-related information and all safety instructions for the product should be placed on the packaging. And it should facilitate the recognition of the product.

Effective Use: Packaging should ensure that products are easily transported and should be discharged easily. It should also be environmentally friendly and manufactured in a way not to harm human health.It should be easily opened according to product type and designed to allow partial use.

Mechanical Feature: The packaging must be protect its shape before / after use or during use. Labeling and printing, filling speed, smoothness of the surface should be in the requested dimensions.

Storage: The packages must have the appropriate stacking weight and suitable stacking resistance. It should also be suitable for short distance transport.

Shipping: The volume / weight ratio, dimensions, maximum weight capacity of the packages must be in accordance with the shipping conditions.

Commercial Compliance: Packaging should be stacking performance, product and brand codes must be identifiable, be used effectively, must be disposed of after use, should have display capabilities.

Recycling: For the products, the packaging material suitable for recycling should be selected and an environmentally friendly waste should be created.